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Articulate words confidently with an attentive therapist

Do you experience substituted sounds for particular letters when you speak? Do you find yourself accidentally leaving out or modifying sounds or phrases? Place your trust in The Speech and Language Corner’s, and you’ll find a professional that will address your phonological disorder with the right treatment and exercise.

Tackle your child’s pronunciation challenges early on

Working closely with your child, overcoming their sound production and pronunciation challenges now, ensures he or she develops the self-confidence and expert communication skills he or she needs to succeed in academia and in life.

Expert accent reduction for your unique dialect

Your world is smaller than ever. With communication and social life, you’ll find yourself conversing with all walks of life. If your accent or speech dialect is posing challenges to your personal or professional communications, The Speech and Language Corner has the expertise and exercises to reduce your accent and produce the communication clarity you desire.

Word's of recommendation

"My daughter has been with Mary for 3 years now ... She looks forward to their speech sessions because she says Mary has great ideas and games, stories And worksheets that make reading and writing fun! She says this after a full day of school!... My daughter's fifth grade teacher can hardly believe how much she has improved in the areas of writing and all aspects of reading. My daughter really benefited from the one on one attention she gets from Mary every week. I have verbally praised Mary for being a big part of my daughters success in school and now I can share it in writing! She will always come with my highest recommendations!" - Anita G.