The Speech and Language Corner - Therapy | Andover, MA
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Gain the confidence and ability to express yourself

Do you suffer from difficulties pronunciation or enunciating words? Have you tried to express your thoughts, feelings or emotions, only to find yourself unable to do so?


It’s time to start gaining your most important life skill: Expressing your language and communicating to others.

Increasing communication skills

Expressive and receptive language disorder may affect adults and children of all ages. Don’t live with the challenge of not being able to tell others how you feel, what you need, and what you truly want. Work with the experienced, certified therapists of The Speech and Language Corner, and start gaining your ability to express.

We are an insurance based therapy center. All private pay is determined on a personal basis. 

Get over 45 years of experience when you come to us!


Gain the clarity to understand others, today

Do you experience difficulty interpreting or understanding what is said to you? Does your child hesitate when comprehending phrases, sentences or questions? Receptive language disorder is a very real concern that affects millions just like you, or your child. Work with the confident team of speech therapists who know you

and your challenges are unique, but can be overcome.

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