The Speech and Language Corner - Therapy | Andover, MA
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Providing custom speech therapy to your young ones

Your child’s early communication development is paramount to his or her success in school, college, and his or her professional career. Effective speech development spurs confident communication in your child. Your child deserves to learn ever more advanced language as he or she continues developing alongside his or her peers – The Speech and Language Corner will ensure your child gets the speech therapy he or she needs.

Providing the early intervention needed to succeed

Does your child have difficulty initiating speech, requesting, making comments, or labeling objects? When your child’s language development needs intervention, the professional, certified expert therapists at our center will intervene at the right moment. Your child will be empowered with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed – before they ever fail.  

All our therapists

are certified!

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Serving children of all ages

Your child may display excellent learning ability when he or she displays understanding of language. But they may struggle in particular aspects of showing and saying what they know. Whatever your son or daughter’s age and education level, The Speech and Language Corner’s caring therapists will develop for your child a custom, tailored therapy plan. We address your child’s unique

speech challenges, ensuring he or she meets the milestones you know they’re capable of.

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